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First Impressions: Apple Business Chat

Imagine ordering a replacement credit card or changing your hotel reservation being as easy as texting your friend. That was Apple’s vision when they introduced Apple Business Chat as part of iOS 11.3, released in March 2018. If you’re an iPhone, iPad, or Mac user, Apple Business Chat brings the convenience of live chat support ...

Accelerating Feedback, Justifying Development, and Anticipating Questions with AI

Customer support is about expectations, and the expectations that customers have today were shaped by their previous experiences. No customer experience exists in a vacuum either. Expectations for all service providers are influenced by all service providers in every industry. Consumer expectations are changing all the time. As businesses scramble to get a competitive advantage ...

GREATER Practices for Live Chat Support

Live chat support continues to grow in popularity with customers and service providers, but chat has its own nuances and challenges that make it different from other channels. Learn how to to make your chat GREATER than the competition.