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LANtelligence CCTR Insider: How to Help Contact Center Agents Survive Their First Call

Especially for first-time contact center agents, speaking with that first customer can be a nerve wracking experience. As trainers and coaches, how do we help our new colleagues to have the necessary confidence and knowledge to assist our customers along their journey?

Good Help Is Harder To Keep: Retaining Top Performers

Originally published by ICMI. Read the full article at icmi.com. Admit it! Working in a contact center isn’t always exciting, and when it is… that’s not necessarily good. Contact Center Agent also isn’t a title near the top of most fourth graders’ wish lists: race-car driver, lawyer, astronaut, president, and pop-star have slightly more cachet. As ...

Breakup News: Irreconcilable Differences Force CX & Voicemail to Separate

This breakup is long overdue. It’s time for Customer Experience to see how truly great it is and break free from this toxic relationship. You don’t need voicemail, Customer Experience, there are better fish in the sea! It is time for CX to pull the plug and move on to greener pastures, once and for ...