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Perhaps as a child, you conducted your own science experiment using tin cans and string. Such a device takes no more than a minute to create but transforms your ability transmit your voice by leveraging mechanical telephony. This is where sound is converted & transported by vibrations along a string and converted back to sound. Our use of Tin Cans & String is twofold; it’s both an ode to our contact/support center roots, as well as a symbolic gesture. I hand you a tin can to receive our communications and in return send your feedback.

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Becky Roemen

Hi, I’m Becky! As a Customer Experience (CX) Transformation Strategist, my career and much of my free time revolves around creating, consuming, documenting and enjoying fantastic customer experiences! I am a technology enthusiast & evangelist with an enduring love for digital transformation and business strategy. I am a Minnesota native andimg_7052-e1520815170152.jpg live in south Minneapolis with my husband where we enjoy the lakes, hiking and breweries! I serve as a Systems Engineer at a leading IT Services company where I, of course, focus on Customer Experience. I hold an MBA from the University of St. Thomas and a BSc. in Business Marketing from North Dakota State University. While earning both degrees I had a strong focus on marketing technology, technology management and software development. Follow me on twitter at @BeckyRoemen or connect with me on LinkedIn.

Andrew Gilliam

Andrew GilliamAndrew is a passionate customer experience innovator and change agent. He’s developed new employee portals, created effective surveys, and built silo-busting escalation systems. Andrew’s background in Information Technology put him on the front-lines of customer service as an IT Support Center Analyst. His vision: deliver Amazing Customer Service and Technical Support™. Learn more at andytg.com, follow @ndytg on Twitter, and connect on LinkedIn.

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