LANtelligence CCTR Insider: Solutions to Maximize Unstructured Feedback

When we receive feedback in a disorganized way, it’s up to those capturing the feedback to give it some structure. Most employees haven’t been trained and don’t know what to do with these kinds of suggestions.

Originally published by LANtelligence. Read the full article on LANtelligence Customer Experience Technology blog.

Unstructured feedback is the next great frontier in customer experience management, but the disorganized nature that gives the term its name makes it difficult to take full advantage of the goldmine. This is the second of a three-part series about the challenges of harnessing unstructured feedback across every level of the enterprise.

Unstructured feedback includes comments, criticism, suggestions, and ideas that come into an organization unexpectedly or unpredictably. Unstructured feedback is a broad term, encompassing everything from customers’ social media posts to third-party review sites. In this series, I’ll focus on unstructured feedback relayed to the organization through unusual methods, but this is certainly not the only way.

Continue reading on the LANtelligence Customer Experience Technology Blog.

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