Good Help Is Harder To Keep: Retaining Top Performers

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Admit it! Working in a contact center isn’t always exciting, and when it is… that’s not necessarily good. Contact Center Agent also isn’t a title near the top of most fourth graders’ wish lists: race-car driver, lawyer, astronaut, president, and pop-star have slightly more cachet. As a result, it can be a struggle for even the best contact centers to attract and retain top talent.

Demand for employees is constant, and with relatively low barriers to entry, people from all walks of life might find themselves working in a contact center. It may not be their dream job, but it pays the bills and has air conditioning. It could be an unexpected detour after a career setback, or perhaps it’s a pre-requisite to the job they really want. Contact centers are popular with students; it is full-time work that can accommodate unusual schedules and hours. In the IT field, particularly, support roles are often viewed as a necessary rite of passage to doing the technical work that lured most to the industry.

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