5 Ways Tomorrow’s Contact Center Will Deliver Value

Originally published on Call Center Weekly. Read the full article.

Imagine what the world will be like after you’ve checked off every box on your customer experience to-do list. Pre-purchase anxiety no longer exists, thanks to careful messaging and word of mouth. Product issues are eliminated at their root-cause, before goods leave the factory. Service failures are anticipated, and recovery is automatic. Customer journeys are frictionless and fault-tolerant, because they were meticulously studied, optimized, and fortified. Contact centers played a vital role in bringing your organization to this paradise, but will they still relevant? Yes, more than ever!

This article explores the contribution of contact centers towards the end of an organization’s customer experience journey. Their mission, methods, and role within a company will change dramatically, but important work will continue to happen in the contact center.

Discover fives ways tomorrow’s contact centers will continue to drive value at Call Center Weekly.

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