Day 1

Thanks for visiting my blog! Just like the first day of school, Day 1 (actually more like Day 0) will be short and sweet. This blog will yield posts on all of the things that make me tick and get me out of bed in the morning. Some topics to look for include digital transformation, business strategy and all things technology. As technologies continue to evolve briskly, we will have to encourage businesses to continue to adapt rapidly and keep our ear to the ground for what’s on the horizon.

This blog will house my thoughts & opinions regarding what’s top-of-mind at the moment. I look forward to having a dialogue with you all as the posts begin to roll out! I am always open for comments, feedback and ways to improve. For those that don’t personally know me, I have an obsession with learning new things and interacting with others who share that hunger. My hope is that this blog is not a one way street, but rather a platform for me to meet and interact with other people with a zest and passion for technology, business, or whatever else we feel like discussing. That said, I am a #CiscoChampion and work for a top IT services & Customer Experience technologies organization so my topics might naturally tilt a certain way. 🙂

A reminder that all of the opinions, ideas, feedback, etc. presented in my blog is published and endorsed by me (Becky) and not representative of any other company, brand or organization. Now that we have the legal-ish stuff taken care of, I’m excited to get blogging! The first [real] post is coming at some point tomorrow….hint-hint, it involves a certain giraffe who filed for chapter 11 and failed to stay on top of digital transformation.

Thanks again for reading!


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